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Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions about signing in
1. How do I participate in the fair as a candidate?
As a candidate, all you need is an activated user account and an uploaded CV in your application folder. If these basic requirements are met, you can enter the fair areas from 9 a.m. on the days of the fair.
2. How do I create a user account?
You can find the registration form here. Choose a unique user name, preferably your own first and last name, as this makes a serious impression. Please check your email address again to ensure that the activation email reaches you. The password repetition must match so that typing errors are excluded.
3. Why has my activation email not arrived?
Depending on the activity of the mail server and the general situation in the network, it can take up to several hours to send the activation mail. As a rule, however, you will receive the e-mail immediately after registration. If you have the impression that the mail should already have arrived, please also check your spam or advertising folder, where the mail can occasionally end up, before we start searching for traces for you.
4. I clicked on the activation link, but it doesn't work?
If it has been no more than 24 hours since you registered, you probably clicked on the link twice, activating your account the first time. The link has therefore lost its validity and you can log in here with your email address and password.
5. Where do I log in?
You can find the login here. To participate in the fair, all you have to do is upload your CV in the menu (the user symbol in the top right-hand corner) under "My application portfolio".
6. Where can I find general information about the fair and registration?
On the start page you will see large squares for the respective fair with the inscription Info x.Ausgabe. Behind these squares you will find information on registration as well as exhibitors and the conference programme approx. 1 week before the start of the fair.
7. Do i have to complete 100% of my profile?
The progress bar on your user profile is only intended to help you prepare your profile for the fair in the best possible way so that you make a good impression. Completion includes a meaningful profile picture, your CV and filling in your user information. Basic requirements for participation remain an active account and a CV.
Frequently asked questions about the application
1. How do I apply?
On the days of the fair, you have the opportunity to apply to companies in response to job advertisements or on your own initiative. If you have uploaded a CV in your application folder, your application will be submitted automatically when you click on the relevant "Apply" button. As soon as a member of staff deals with your application, you will receive a confirmation of receipt with information on how to proceed.
2. Can I apply before or after the fair?
Unsolicited applications are possible as soon as the companies are published, but they are not useful before the fair, as the companies have not yet had the opportunity to introduce themselves at the fair. It therefore does not make a good impression, nor is there a member of staff to process the application before the first day of the fair and your waiting time may become very long. After the fair, applications and communication about the past fair are still possible on the site for a week.
3. How often can I apply?
In principle, there are no limits. However, you should understand that mass applications could be seen by administrators and considered as spam. Also, too fast and too frequent applications do not make a serious impression. It is therefore in your own interest not to use the simplicity of the application process for mass applications.
4. How do I conduct job interviews?
In the course of the acknowledgement of receipt, a member of staff / recruiter will arrange an appointment with you if the application is suitable, and you will agree on the medium to be used. Whether telephone, Meet, Zoom or Skype, will be determined by agreement with the employee.
5. Where can I find the job advertisements and intiative applications?
You will find the job advertisements in the entrance hall on the left-hand side and on the job board of each stand, also on the left-hand side. You will find the unsolicited application on the respective company profile, either by clicking on the company on the information page for the fair or by clicking on the name of the company on the respective stand.
Frequently asked questions about the conferences
1. Are the videos available as replays?
No, as each user would withdraw to watch the videos alone, we have decided against replays. The idea behind the conferences is that people are on the same page at the same time and can respond to questions in the chat. Those who have the same question then benefit equally from the answer. It is explicitly not desired to share the video source at the show and may lead to deletion of the account.
2. Are the conferences recorded or live?
We offer a mix of recorded and live videos. As much of the workshop content is unchanged, the videos are mostly recorded. In addition, it is difficult to keep things running smoothly with speakers changing every 15 minutes in some cases. Depending on the programme, zoom or meet group talks are planned. Again, it is explicitly not desired to name the video source, as it is in line with the basic idea of our conference concept.
3. Are the speakers approachable in the chat?
We try to find a place in the programme for each lecture, even if it is recorded, where the speaker is present. In any case, one of our experienced Franco-German staff will always be close by to answer most questions. On the third day of the fair, there may naturally be delays due to the all-day interviews. An attendance list can also be found at the bottom left.
5. Where can I find the conference programme?
You can find the conference programme in the conference room on the left, in the "Info Conferences" section of the fair and outside the fair about a week before the fair on the information page for candidates behind the squares on the start page.
6. Why does the conference not open in the conference programme?
The conference programme serves as a calendar of when which video is available. When you click on the programme items, you will be offered to enter the conference in your Google calendar.
7. How do I start a video?
A triangle is displayed in the middle of the conference room. Clicking on the triangle should start the currently available video, unless you have activated a Javascript blocker or your browser does not support the latest technologies. Please try switching browsers if this is the case.
7. Why is the picture blank or is the wrong video playing?
Please reload the window (F5 or Ctrl + R) to update the background information and try again.
Frequently asked technical questions
1. Why are the stands not displayed correctly?
JavaScript is required to build the stands. Please make sure that you do not have a blocker activated. In addition, technologies are used that are not supported by very old browsers. So you can try to switch to the most popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox with the latest updates.
2. Why are the stands so big?
Maybe your zoom in/out is active. You can try using Ctrl + mouse wheel or Ctrl + / Ctrl - to change the zoom and thus adjust the size of the elements. Depending on intermediate sizes or with older resolutions, transitions may overlap.
3. Where can I find the chat and the attendance list?
The chat is located at the bottom right and the attendance list at the bottom left in the entrance hall, conference room, exhibition plan and the respective stands. The windows can either be opened and closed by clicking on the arrow symbol or moved freely on the screen by clicking on the arrow symbol.
4. Why are the chats not yet available on the last day of the fair at 9 a.m.?
Please reload the window (F5 or Ctrl + R) to refresh the background information and try again. Also, please bear in mind that your personal clock might be a few minutes off from the server's clock.
5. Why can't I send an email in "My Mails"?
In order to keep the email addresses of the users confidential, the user names serve as email addresses in the internal mail system. The user receives a notification to his original email address. However, a reply to this notification does not reach the sender of the message. The mail must be answered on our side.
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